Tournament regulations OKU 2019

When two or more prize-winning players are tied with the same final score, prize money will be shared.

The ranking order of players in the final scores for determination of tournament- or groupwinners will be determined based on consecutive comparisons using:
1. Mutual result (only if all candidates have played against each other or the missing games do not influence the final calculation of the group winner)
2. Buchholz (sos)
3. Sonneborn Berger (sb)
4. Lot

The pairing for each rounds will be made using the Swiss system on ‘rating’.

In the case of players whose opponent has not shown up within half an hour after the start of the games of the 1st en 2nd round, then these players may be paired against each other subject to the decision of the arbiter.

Rate of play is 1h 50min per person for the entire game, with a 10 second increment after every move.

It is possible to appeal against decision by the tournament arbiters. Such an appeal will have to be made within half an hour after finishing the game, and should include a statement on which ground the appeal is based. Appeals will be handled by an appeals committee. Decisions made by the appeals committee are final. If the pairing for the next round has to be made before the appeals committee has made a decision, the arbiter decides which (temporary) result will be used to generate the new pairing.

The appeals committee consists of :

– X
– Y (Committee will be constituted at the start of the tournament)
– Z

It is possible to get a maximum of two byes in the rounds 1 to 4. These byes will be rewarded half a point each. Extra byes, or byes in other rounds will not produce points. Bye-requests should be communicated to the organization before the tournament starts.

A player loses the game if he appears at the chessboard more than one hour after the published starting time.

Players’ mobile phones have to be completely switch off during the game. Failing to do so will result in a suitable penalty, varying from a time penalty to loss of the game. For spectators it is forbidden to use the mobile phone inside the playing area.