Utrecht Open Chess Championships 2012

In 2012 chess club Paul Keres will organise the Utrecht Open Chess Championships (OKU) for the 39h time. The tournament will be held from June 8 to 10, 2012. The OKU will again be played at the Nationaal Denksportcentrum Den Hommel, Kennedylaan 9, in Utrecht (+31-30-2759988).

Players will be divided into three groups according to FIDE- or national ELO-rating. Players with a rating of 1800 or higher may play in group A, players with a rating between 1500 and 1900 may play in group B and players with a rating below 1600 may play in group C. The organisation may deviate from these rules in exceptional cases. All groups will play a six rounds Swiss tournament following the FIDE-regulations.
The rate of play will be all moves in 115 minutes + 5 seconds added time per move. Smoking is prohibited in the playing area.
It is possible to get one or more byes. However, people taking two or more byes during the tournament or bye in round 5 or 6 are excluded from winning prizes. A bye counted as a half point. Bye-requests must be communicated to the organisation before the tournament starts.

All results will be communicated to the Dutch chess federation, but not to the FIDE.

Friday June 8 18.30 - 19.15 Registration
  19.15 - 19.30 Opening
  19.30 - 23.30 Round 1
Saturday June 9 09.15 - 13.15 Round 2
  14.15 - 18.15 Round 3
  19.30 - 23.30 Round 4
Sunday June 10 09.15 - 13.15 Round 5
  14.15 - 18.15 Round 6
  18.45 - 19.30 Prize ceremony

Prize Group A Group B Group C
1st € 750 € 250 € 100
2nd € 400 € 150 € 60
3rd € 250 € 90 € 40
4th € 130 € 60 € 30
5th € 75 € 50  
6th € 60 € 40  
7th € 45 € 30  
8th € 30    

If a tie occurs, prizes are split.

There will also be four rating prizes, with a value of € 40 each for the best players with a rating below 2200 and 2000 in group A, below 1700 in group B and below 1400 in group C.

The entry fee of the tournament will be:
Group A € 30 (FM € 15; GM/IM free)
Group B € 25
Group C € 25

Payment on registration at the tournament hall.
Entry by this web form.
You can also contact Youri Gerritse by mail or by phone: +31-643020598.
On entry, please give your name, full address, date of birth, club and Elo-rating (KNSB and/or FIDE). Also indicate whether you wish to receive a bye in one of the first four rounds, and which group you will play in.

The OKU will be held at:
Nationaal Denksportcentrum Den Hommel
Kennedylaan 9
3533 KH Utrecht
Phone number +31-30-2759988


View larger map
Take exit 8 (Utrecht/De Meern) from the A2 and follow the signs Utrecht/Jaarbeurs. After passing the canal go left at the roundabout (Pijperlaan) and left again quickly (Bizetlaan). Follow to the end of the street. The Nationaal Denksportcentrum is at the end of the street past the swimming pool.

Public transport
From train station Utrecht Centraal:
- take the tram (direction Nieuwegein-Zuid or IJsselstein) to Hospital Oudenrijn ("24 Oktoberplein-Zuid"). Walk back to the roundabout and go straight ahead (Pijperlaan). Take the first street on the left (Bizetlaan) and follow to the end. The Nationaal Denksportcentrum is at the end of the street, past the swimming pool;
- or take bus number 5 in direction Oog in Al.
When you leave from Utrecht Centraal Station at the Jaarbeurszijde exit, you can walk to the playing venue in about 2,5 km: (view map).

1974: Peter Monte
1975: Anton v.d. Weij
1976: Anton Rosmüller
1977: IM Bruno Carlier
1978: IM Frans Borm
1979: IM Bruno Carlier
1980: IM Herman Grooten
1981: IM Bert Enklaar
1982: FM Han Janssen
1983: Jan Voormans
1984: IM Frans Cuijpers
1985: IM Jeroen Vanheste
1986: IM Liafbern Riemersma
1987: FM Han Janssen
1988: IM Frans Cuijpers
1989: IM Johan van Mil
1990: IM Bernd Schneider
1991: IM Rini Kuyf
1992: IGM Roberto Cifuentes
1993: FM Juri Vetemaa
1994: IGM Igor Glek
1995: Martin Roobol
1996: IGM Alex Wojtkiewicz
1997: IM Erik v.d. Doel
1998: IM Evgeny Ragozin
1999: IGM Igor Glek
2000: IGM Alexander Dgebuadze
2001: Erwin l'Ami
2002: IGM Normunds Miezis
2003: IGM Vladimir Epishin
2004: IGM Vladimir Epishin
2005: IGM Erwin l'Ami
2006: IGM Vyacheslav Ikonnikov
2007: IGM Slavko Cicak
2008: IGM Friso Nijboer
2009: IGM Friso Nijboer
2010: IGM Vyacheslav Ikonnikov
2011: IGM Dimitri Reinderman